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conversion rate optimization

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) refers to boosting the number of users that take specific action on a website. Buying a product, adding to card, signing up for a service, completing a form, or clicking a link are examples of desired activities.
Conversion rate optimization, or CRO refers to enhancing your website to maximize the quantity of leads. Split testing, workflow advancements, and content improvements all contribute to CRO. Optimizing conversion rates generates qualified leads, boosts sales, and lowers marketing expenses.

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What is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of users that take a specific action. For example, filling out a web form or purchasing products. The marketing strategy usually specifies the desired action. A high conversion rate indicates that the users like using your website. A low conversion rate could have many reasons. For example issues in the functionality or appearance of a website. Poor conversion rates are usually the result of lengthy load times, malfunctioning forms, or text that fails to sell the offer.
Digital marketers usually analyze the conversion rate on a daily/weekly basis. This will give them a good hint on which part needs improvement. They will capture the result and report their findings and requirements. For an instance, if a section of a website needs improvement, they report the issue to the development team.

Implementation of a CRO Strategy

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy specifies the “good” conversion rate. Conversion rate has different specifications depending on the industries. But they all have one point in common. Conversion usually takes place in specific areas of each website.


Homepages are the main area for giving a good conversion rate. The homepage offers you the chance to capture visitors’ interests. A good strategy can keep them on your website, and direct them to further pages. You can achieve this by drawing attention to your offers. Product information link or free signup form are some small examples. Integrating a chatbot will also help users to engage more.

Landing Page

Landing pages have the highest average conversion rate. They are clear enough and engaging for the users. So, the chance that a user fills out forms or clicks on a CTA button is high. Landing pages are the best place to deliver a specific message to the users.

Pricing Page

A pricing page is always interesting to the visitors. They can see your offered packages all together. It gives them options to choose, for example, monthly or yearly prices. This page has a quick description on your services. The ease of finding information for the users makes this page a good place to convert them to the customers.


A blog offers a website a huge chance for conversion. You can apply CRO to your blog to turn visitors into leads. As an instance, you can have CTA buttons in this page for leading them to other pages. You can even ask them for their emails to subscribe to your newsletter. 

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a tactical method used in online marketing. Its goal is to boost the percentage of users who take the desired action through a call to action (CTA). The goal differs based on the nature of the business. Assume that you have an e-commerce website. In this scenario, the CTA will focus on converting users to customers. But, if you have a B2B website, you might want the CTA to collect contact details.
During conversion optimization, websites continuously work to strengthen their relationship with visitors. Websites provide a clear path for visitors to generate income for the website owners. In general, the conversion rate specifies the effectiveness of a website’s online marketing.

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