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A website is an online information resource that allows individuals and organizations to communicate with users. However, no two websites are the same; every website design is unique in its own way.
To communicate with the public and receive information, individuals and organizations have to create websites. Creating a website is a complex process that includes designing, developing, and promoting it. Designing a website is an integral part of its development. A website’s design reflects its creator’s personality and ideas. Developers develop sites similarly to how software developers develop programs. Essentially, both processes involve sharing ideas to create something better.

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Website Design

Designing a website has several aspects and can be a creative endeavor. A website’s design reflects its creator’s personality and ideas. Many factors influence the design process, including the organization’s branding strategy and target audience. Minor customization can help create websites that uniquely represent their creators while communicating effectively with their audiences. For example, a news website might have a separate section for social media updates with bright colors and lively designs. On the other hand, an e-commerce website may have clean, elegant designs for its product listings, order forms, and payment processing sections.
The design of a website is paramount to its success; it’s how people remember you. We create visually appealing websites by using cutting-edge software and tools. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we are also internet marketers who understand user behavior. This allows us to create useful websites for businesses- whether it’s e-commerce, social media, or other types of sites.

Website Development

A website is an online information resource that allows individuals and organizations to communicate with users. It is a web page that a person can access via a computer, tablet or smartphone. Many companies and organizations use websites these days, and they all have unique features. Zounax develops websites by using various programming languages, depending on the purpose of the website.
Website development refers to the process of converting design to an operational website. Web development requires enough knowledge and expertise in programing and coding. Although coding is the main part, developing a pixel-perfect website requires more skills. There are teams of experts involved in developing a professional website. Therefore, overall process would contain numerous skillset.

- Frontend engineers/programmers to convert the given design to a functional website.
- Backend engineers/programmers to provide intelligence to the website.
- Project managers, to manage tasks, and timelines and to ensure the final product meets the requirements.
- Product owners, to specify the goals of the business and the process of achieving those in a website.
- Test scenario writers, to provide different scenarios for testers to make sure UI and UX are comprehensive enough.
- Testers, to test the entire website against any possible bugs in UI and functionality of the website. They will report the issues. if any, to the project managers for further planning.

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UI and UX

User Interface (UI) refers to the look of the website. It serves as the window of your store online. Users, at the first glance, would only see the look of the website, if it attracts them, they will continue surfing. So, the importance of a good UI would be mainly in attracting users to continue engaging with your message, learning about your services, and/or searching for your products. User Experience (UX) on the other hand, would refer to the experience a user will have while visiting your website. A good UX will convey the message in a clean and comprehensive way.
The flow of the website is straight forward and the users will be led to the important parts, which the business needs them to land to. The visitors of the website will not get lost with loads of information, instead, they will be guided throughout the website. Since professionally created websites look attractive, easy-to-use and handy to the visitors, the first time visitors often will be converted to returning customers of the business.

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Considering website design and development doesn’t share the exact same rules in all industries, we have teams of experts in several areas. Depending on your business, audiences, and goals, we assign a team of expert in your field, exclusively focused on your website. We cover a wide range of businesses in any scale, from SaaS and B2C to B2B and many more.
Professionality comes from repetition, experience and constant learning. Therefore, we are always looking forward to hearing your opinion and interests throughout the process.

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